Welcome PhD final year student Lara from Karolinska Institute

We are thrilled to welcome one of the top talents from Karolinska, Lara to join the team. Lara brings in the clinical genetics expertise. Along with the machine learning engineers, the team is to build AI powered genetic tools so that many more individuals can access genetic care resrouces.


Welcome Lara. We are so proud to have you among us!

Arkus AI partners with industry leader Medicover Genetics to innovate AI in Genetic Diagnostics 


2020 - 11 - 5


Arkus AI are excited to announce our latest partnership with Medicover Genetics Gmbh to innovate and apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the field of genetic diagnostics. Medicover Genetics Gmbh is part of Medicover Group, a forward-looking international leader in the healthcare and diagnostic service industries.


Armed with Medicover’s world-leading clinical genetics expertise and deep understanding of real-life problems, together with the Arkus team of exceptional AI talents, we are on track to successfully apply AI to Genetic Diagnostics to improve global health care for all.


We are thrilled to welcome the highly respected expert in clinical genetics, Dr Markus Stumm from Medicover, as our project advisor. 


About Medicover:

Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company and was founded in 1995. Medicover operates a large number of ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities, laboratories and blood-drawing points and the largest markets are Poland and Germany. In 2019, Medicover had revenue around €844 million and 28,800 employees. For more information, go to www.medicover.com

Celebration and Brainstorming at AI Sweden, Stockholm

Thanks to AI Sweden's Stockholm office and to dear Petra Dalunde, the node manager and a great friend to Arkus AI, our team along with our friends gathered for a fun & innovative Saturday. We got carried away by the dumbest and craziest ideas during brainstorming session, which was in the context to use AI technology to serve our fellow human beings for better health care!  Among others we celebrated Hamza's successful completion of his Master's thesis at Arkus AI! Congratulations Hamza!

Welcome two new team members!



We are so excited to welcome Patricia and Anne to join the team. 

Celebration of arriving at Milestone 1, 2020-08-31



What a team of super-man/woman! A team of six met and celebrated with a pizza lunch at the THINGS. 

A Visit to our Collaborator the Clinical Gentic Lab in Umeå University Hospital




Arkus AI's founder Dr. Ying Cheng met with Dr. Magnus Burstedt, the Head of Medicine and his colleagues, and had very contstructive discussions. Togther, we performed UX analysis surrounding some of the genetic diagnostic analysis work.


We believe it is crucial to involve customers and users earlier in the product development of AI powered genetic diagnostic tools.

Vinnova Startup Grant, 2020-06


We are excited and honoured to receive the Startup Grant from Vinnova!